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Our Milk is now from our grass fed cows that are tested 100% A2A2!

Larson Creamery Organic Cream Top Whole Milk

Hello Friends of Larson Farm and Creamery,

The new creamery went on-line this spring. We developed a thick, mild yet flavorful yogurt for which we get rave reviews, and we got a lot of smiles this summer scooping Gelato. What more satisfaction could anyone want?

Well, last week we reached another milestone in the evolution of Larson Farm and Creamery. For 10 years we’ve been breeding and selecting for a particular genetic trait in our Jersey cows that has to do with type of casein protein in our milk. All of our cows are now tested A2A2 beta-casein! (Check out our website, for a full explanation.) In a nutshell, many people find this milk more digestible, and that fits in with our mission statement.

Of course, to achieve this A2A2 goal we had to sell some of our best cows who were A1A2. (By breeding these cows to A2A2 bulls, we had a 50% chance of an A2A2 calf) It was a sad day when we sold Bernice Anders, Raclette, Valentine, Casino and Pluto, but we are consoled knowing that they went to a wonderful small organic grass-based dairy like ours in western Massachusetts that sells their milk to a local yogurt maker.

Our A2A2 certified organic 100% grass-fed raw milk is available daily at the farm store and available for pick-up at the Rutland and Dorset Farmers’ Markets. The pasteurized milk is available in area stores. If you don’t see it, ask if they would consider it!

Best wishes from the Larson Family


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