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Our Products Are

100% Grass Fed, 100% Organic, 100%Love from Cows tested 100% A2A2

100% Grass Fed, Organic Yogurt

Larson Farm & Creamery yogurt is a very firm and surprisingly sweet full-fat product.


It is made from our own rich Jersey cows’ milk, with nothing added except a non-GMO pro-biotic yogurt culture.


The milk is heated to 185F, which is required to achieve a firm ‘set’. The milk is then cooled to 110F, culture added, and then bottled.


Our yogurt is ‘cup set’, meaning the cups are placed in an incubator and held at 110F until the pH drops to 4.6, when the containers are then moved to the walk-in cooler. This result is a nice ‘cream-top’ yogurt with a light layer of nicely soured cream on top of the super-smooth firm yogurt.


We currently have two flavors: Plain and Maple, made with 100% Pure Vermont organic Maple syrup.

100% Grass Fed, Organic Butter

At Larson Creamery we make sweet-cream butter and cultured butter. Both are lightly salted with Himalayan Sea Salt. Because the cows are grass-fed, the butter is a deep yellow color, and even more so when the cows are on spring and early summer pastures

100% Grass Fed, Organic Pasteurized "Cream-Top" Milk

We also offer pasteurized milk. Nothing added and nothing removed. Made with our own organic Jersey whole milk.


The cream rises to the top. Pour off the cream into your coffee, or shake well for drinking.

100% Grass Fed, Organic Gelato

Our Gelato (Italian ice cream) is made from our own organic 100% grass-fed Jersey cow milk. We use only certified organic ingredients.


How is gelato different from American ice cream? Good question. Gelato is lower in fat content and usually has less air whipped into the mix, resulting in a heavier or denser product.


With gelato, we look for a very smooth ‘mouth feel’ and intense flavor. That is why the Italians serve it with a very small spoon, or ‘spade’. Gelato is a food to eat slowly, to enjoy the texture on your tongue, and the bright intense flavor. Because it has less total fat, it must be served as a slightly warmer temperature.

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