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Raw Milk CSA

Thank you for your interest in drinking delicious and nutritious raw milk. The Jersey cows on our farm work hard to make it for us!

A Community Supported Agriculture share is a great option for regular milk drinkers who want a consistent amount of milk each week. You can use the link below to apply to join the CSA.

You sign up to get milk weekly at one of the following CSA locations:

Donegan Farm Store, 1506 Carpenter Rd., Charlotte on Tuesday

Bread and Butter Farm Store, 200 Leduc Farm Rd., Shelburne on Tuesday

Sweet Roots Store, 4702 Ethan Allen Hwy, Charlotte on Tuesday (seasonal)

North End Burlington, 63 Rose St., Tuesday

Winooski, 60 North St. on Tuesday

Maple Wind Farm Store, 1149 East Main St., Richmond on Tuesday

Good Heart Farm Store, 34 Worcester Village Rd., Worcester on Tuesday

Because we are delivering from Wells, we guarantee milk will arrive by 3 p.m.  Some people find it easier to go the following day to pick up. We have a dedicated cooler/refrigerator at each location and your milk will be in it with your name on a label by the bottom of the jug. We ship our Raw Milk in recyclable plastic half gallons jugs.

It is your responsibility to keep track of the store hours, though several of the coolers are in locations you can get to at anytime.

Our minimum price is $7.00 per half gallon and you are welcome to pay more if you are able and want to support our organic farm. The cost of organic inputs continues to soar. You can order as many half gallons of milk per week as you want. We invoice CSA customers monthly and expect payment by the 7th of the month. We are also happy to invoice quarterly if that is easier for you. We accept payment by check mailed to us or left at the CSA location or by Venmo.

CSA Sign Up Link

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