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The Larson Farm Stables

Ponies and Horses, Oh My!


Horses have been a part of Cynthia’s’ life since her first childhood pony. When we sold the large dairy in 1993, Cynthia opened a horse boarding facility. We converted the dairy barn, adding box stalls and an indoor area.


She also become certified in equine-assisted therapy work and for some years offered her services to area schools, working with children with various disabilities. It was very successful, but ended when schools lost some funding, and we simultaneously decided to re-activate the dairy.


Retirement Horse Boarding

Cynthia never stopped boarding horses, however, and now offers “Retirement Boarding”.


We are a ‘geriatric facility for horses’, providing loving care to older horses which, due to arthritis or other issues, are not physically able to be ridden.


What a loving solution for horse owners, continuing to supporter the horse that served them so well for so many years.

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