It has been 7 years since we began selling raw Jersey milk from the farm. It started with two cows and a few friends who wanted our great product. There have been many changes, including getting up to 40 cows, then losing that market this past spring. We’re now down to 14 sweet Jersey cows. However, two things have never changed:

1.      Our commitment to quality, and the price of our milk. 

To bring you the healthiest product, we recently stopped feeding grain to our Jersey cows. We had been feeding only non-GMO grain that did not contain any soy products, but learned that any amount of grain causes a chemical change in the milk, so this fall discontinued grain feeding. We were very concerned that the cows would lose weight and have reproductive problems. To alleviate this, we took a year to slowly ‘wean’ the cows of grain, reducing it very slowly over time, and purchasing the best hay available. We are happy to report that the cows are in good shape and that the only physical change is reduced milk production. Most importantly, we know that the milk we offer for sale has higher conjugated linoleic acid, and higher Omega 3 fatty acids. It also has more cream, as I am sure many of you have noticed.

 The other thing that has never changed is the milk price. Until now, that is. With increased costs, and reduced quantity per cow, we have raised the price of milk at the farm store to $4/half gallon plus the $2 jar deposit, for a total of $6/half gallon. Return a clean jar with lid and you get the $2 credit. Same system, just one dollar more per half gallon jar of milk.

 It has been a great year. Now that we can sell milk at Farmers’ Markets, we are reaching many more families with our healthy product. For those of you near Rutland or Dorset, don’t forget to order your milk for Market delivery, and encourage your friends to do the same. You can also pick up our delicious 100% grass-fed ground beef and beef sausages.

 Best wishes for the Holiday Season from the Larsons,