Last fall, our interns and I built a “moveable greenhouse’, inspired by the creativity and example of Elliot Coleman, writer and master gardener in Maine.

The idea is to be able to move or slide the greenhouse from one position to another. In addition to pest control, this allowed Cynthia to plant greens in in the fall, then we moved the greenhouse over the greens, and with row covers as additional protection, had greens into mid-winter. The spinach and other greens went dormant, and then exploded in late March, early April. Wish I had a photo for you.

A few days ago, we moved the greenhouse from over the early spring greens, which are still producing well, to a new location where the greenhouse has warmed the soil, and Cynthia and Grace have been planting the tomatoes, earlier than otherwise, and hopefully for an earlier yield.

I will attach a link to the video so you can see us moving the greenhouse. Enjoy.

Best spring wishes from the Larson Farm Crew,