Come Celebrate with Us!

September 22, 2015

Come Celebrate With Us

Please join Larson Farm at our annual

Columbus Day Weekend Steer Roast and Barn Dance

Saturday, October 10th  2015


At 2PM, we will begin cider making and offer walking tours of the farm to observe the dairy and beef herds and explain our intensive grassland management systems that produce the fine beef and raw milk available in our farm store.


The barbecue will be served at 5, but come much earlier. Bring a side dish to pass if you can, and something to drink. We will again roast one of our own beef steers and have a truck load of apples for the kids to make cider. The Contra-Dancing will be from 7:00 to 10:00. Later there might be music around the camp fire, so bring your instrument.


For eleven years now, many of you have contributed to the Uganda School Project, helping to pay the school fees for the neediest of children in Masaka District. Last year, we help 42 children stay in school. It would be a great time to contribute again. The needs are great, so we will again have a lively auction with items donated by friends and local businesses. If you wish to contribute items for the auction, please let us know. We look forward to another year of improving the lives of children in Uganda. The auction will be immediately before the barn dance at 6:00.

We’re 3/4 of a mile south of Wells village at 69 South Street. Rich and Cynthia Larson, Morningside (802-645-1957). or


Hope you can come!

Saturday, October 10th

Rain or Shine


What is Different About Our Milk?

January 14, 2015

It has been 7 years since we began selling raw Jersey milk from the farm. It started with two cows and a few friends who wanted our great product. There have been many changes, including getting up to 40 cows, then losing that market this past spring. We’re now down to 14 sweet Jersey cows. However, two things have never changed:

1.      Our commitment to quality, and the price of our milk. 

To bring you the healthiest product, we recently stopped feeding grain to our Jersey cows. We h...

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Summer Camp at Larson Farm!

May 20, 2014
Please click on the PDF link above for more information.

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Movable Greenhouse

May 16, 2014

Last fall, our interns and I built a “moveable greenhouse’, inspired by the creativity and example of Elliot Coleman, writer and master gardener in Maine.

The idea is to be able to move or slide the greenhouse from one position to another. In addition to pest control, this allowed Cynthia to plant greens in in the fall, then we moved the greenhouse over the greens, and with row covers as additional protection, had greens into mid-winter. The spinach and other greens went dormant, an...

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A Spring Ritual

May 16, 2014

Most dairy cows in the US never experience the thrill of “Turn-out” day. In the old Vermont vocabulary, it is the day that the cattle are ‘turned out’ of the barn and onto the pasture for the grazing season. For months now, I have been looking at the dwindling stack of hay in the barn, taking inventory, dividing it by how many bales the cows eat each day, calculating how many days of feed are left, and then with some concern, counting the number of days to May 10th. That is the appr...

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Lamb, Anyone?

November 8, 2013

Lamb, Anyone?

Our flock did very well this year with a high percentage of twinning and no losses. We’ve rotated the flock between several paddocks and the orchards. In the past two months they took advantage of the abundant apple crop, eating all the drops and are well finished on nature’s bounty with no grain. 

We usually have only enough lambs to meet our family needs, but this year we can make frozen lamb available to our regular customers. I am guessing they weigh about 60 to 75 ...

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Come Celebrate With Us!

September 30, 2013
Come Celebrate With Us
Please join Larson Farm at our annual pot-luck Barbecue and Barn Dance on Saturday, October 12th. We have musicians coming for square dancing in the barn after dinner!
Bring a side dish to pass if you can, and something to drink. This year we will roast one of our own beef steers. The barbecue will be served at 5, but come much earlier. Afternoon activities will include cider making and a tour of the farm to observe the dairy and beef herds and explain our intensive...
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January 21 Newsletter

March 28, 2012
Thanks to all of our faithful customers who endured the mud and disruption associated with construction of the new barn and photovoltaic system. We had a great team of contractors, mild weather, and now our beautiful hay barn and solar electrical generation system are complete. Even on cloudy days, our electric meter spins backwards! I can’t wait to get our next CVPS electric bill to see how much the system is saving us in energy costs.
The 42kW PV system converts solar energy into ...
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