September 22, 2015

It has been a great grass-growing year, with regular rains and lots of sun. With our daily pasture rotations providing constant access to fresh, rapidly growing forage, the cattle are in great shape.

The cows raised some very nice calves, and the steers are nice and chunky. The flavor and tenderness of our most recent steer is very satisfying.

You can always pick up ground beef and our new all-beef sausages made with organic spices here at the farm store, but I have had some requests for a side or half a side of beef. If you are interested, let me know right away, as we have another steer available.

A ‘quarter’ is really a ‘mixed quarter’, where the cuts from one side are divided equally between cuts from the front and rear portions of the steer.

It is always a bit of a guess how much meat you will get. I estimate that each quarter will weigh about 70 pounds of packaged beef. At $9/lb, that is $630/quarter. In terms of volume, that is about two boxes, each 9”x12”x18”, or a little over 2 cubic feet. Call me if you have any questions. We have four ‘sides’ available. First come, first serve.

Remember. These steers are 100% grass-fed. Never had grain or GMOs in their lives. Never had chemical fly spray or insecticide. No antibiotics. Raised on their moms then graduated to lush pasture and in the winter, hay and minerals. They are well finished, with good fat cover and marbling that provides tenderness, flavor and the good kind of fats.

March 2012

We have two very nice market ready grass-fed steers ready for the freezer. We are excited about the Devon genetics that we have been using the past three years, and the proof is in the eating. The beef is well marbled, tender and flavorful. And of course, they have never been fed genetically modified grains (actually, no grain whatsoever), so the beef is about as healthy as there is. We will be replenishing our inventory of ground beef which literally flies out of the freezer, and would like to make available eight ‘beef shares’. That means the steer would be equally distributed to eight families, and will include ground beef, steaks and roasts. A ‘beef share’ yields about 40 to 50 pounds of frozen packaged beef. The cost is $7.00/pound wrapped and frozen, so the total will be about $300 to $350. Is anyone interested? If so, please email us or call ASAP. Please pass the word, too.                                                                                


Richard & Cynthia Larson

69 South Street

Wells, Vermont

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